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Proposed Wolcott Foundation Bylaws
Presented at the 2017 Mid-Year Governing Board Conference
Las Vegas, NV 1/23/17

Click HERE for a PDF version of the proposed bylaws as referenced in the Spring edition of The High Twelvian magazine.

HTI Governing Board Motions from the 2017 HTI Mid-Year Conference

 The following motions are to be consider at the 96th Annual High Twelve Convention, Wolcott Foundation Annual Membership Meeting::

  1. Motion to approve the proposed WF Bylaws as distributed (or amended) at the 2017 Mid-Year GB Conference to move forward to the 96th Convention by approval of the HTI Governing Board. APPROVED
  2. The secretary of HTI to forward a printed (or amended) copy to the Trustees and General Counsel of the Wolcott Foundation.  APPROVED
  3. Motion to REPEAL the  current undated, unsigned bylaws (or any other that may be located).  APPROVED
  4. Motion to published the proposed WF Bylaws in the Spring 2017 Edition of the High Twelvian. APPROVED
  5. Motion to require all Associations and Club to send ALL donations directly to the WF Treasurer (no cash) with an email notification to the applicable Zone Trustee or Deputy Trustee (if appointed). APPROVED
  6. These motions in accordance with Article X: Amendments To By-Laws; page 14 of the undated and unsigned WF bylaws as posted to the HTI website since 3/10/15.
  7. The Executive Board of HTI will insure these motion are brought up at the WF Annual Membership Meeting - APPROVED.



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