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International, Inc.


Arizona Association of Masonic High Twelve Clubs, Inc.


Title  Officer Name (Lady) Contact Information 


 George Rusk

 1518 E Kael St
 Mesa AZ 85203-2008

 1st Vice-President

 Richard A. Kessler, PSP

 PO Box 11526
 Tucson AZ 85734-1526
 H 520.301.7284
 C 520.573.1132

 2nd Vice-President

 Ben Pronneke

 8111 E Helen St
 Tucson AZ 85715-5211

3rd Vice-President

 Juan Podesta

 PO Box 36734
 Tucson AZ 85740-6734



 Kevin L.
 Hokerk-Robinson, PSP

 11404 W Olive Dr
 Avondale AZ 85392-4210


 Glenn R. Vogt, PSP

 11805 W Dahlia Dr
 El Mirage AZ 85335

 Wolcott Foundation
 Deputy Trustee
 Zone 2 

 Harry C. Brown, PSP

 1525 Joseph Pl
 Sierra Vista AZ 85635





 Walter H. Williams, PSP

 2121 S Pantano Rd #45
 Tucson AZ 85710-6105
 H 520.323.2108
 C 520.909-8352

Past President
 Robert E. Kline, PSP
 235 N Abrego Dr
 Green Valley AZ 85614-2929

The Arizona Association of High Twelve Clubs was Chartered on June 23, 1975 with Donald E. White, PIP, as the Charter State President, PIP

The State High Twelve objectives are to:

  • To unite Masons in the happy bond of a fraternal hour
  • To inculcate the ideals taught in Masonry in these fraternal hours.
  • To support and cooperate with all recognized Masonic organizations within the State.
  • To give our support and personal attention to the Masonic Youth by fostering and encouraging adequate opportunities for them.
That we speak and act only as individuals and never for the Institution of Masonry.

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