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Monthly Membership Reporting Form

In lieu of the preferred online reporting paper reports can still be filed

F-200 Monthly Report R090114 Microsoft Word Document
F-200 Monthly Report R090114
Standard PDF Print

Please treat email addresses like a mailing address - report new ones and updated ones!

Clubs are expected to complete a Monthly Report form F-200 on a regular basis.  This form provides the State Association and the International Office the information needed about where and when a club meets, changes in the 4 principal officers and their contact information, membership numbers, attendance, donations and the specifics about the changes in the individual member data. Like so many things doing this task monthly after your last meeting needs to be made a habits and once it is a habit you won't forget to do it.

Information from this form is used to:

  1. Update this website
  2. Keep individual membership records current
  3. Insures accurate mailing information for: 
    • The High Twelvian
    • Fundraiser(s)
  4. Allows the International Office to provide Associations and Clubs accurate rosters or mailing lists/files on request
  5. Is the basis for the annual per-capita billing

A few key pointers about using the form:

  • Click on the 'Microsoft Word Document' above
  • This form is a series of tables, to move around the form
    • Use your tab key or
    • Point and click
    • Do not use your Enter/Return key as this will add a line and after the cursor and will distort the form size!
  • Addresses:
    • A Post Office Box (PO Box) ALWAYS overrides a street address!
    • Always use the full zip code +4  12345-6789
    • Provide email addresses when known - please use all lower case letters (email addresses are not case sensitive)
    • For part year residents you must change their address when they leave and when they return. Do not rely on the USPS to forward the mail as the Non-Profit rate (we use this rate for all mailings) is generally not forwarded and goes to dead letter.
  • Save the shell form to your computer
    • File Save As: xxx Monthly Report SHELL
      • Where xxx = three digit club number
  • Fill out the top part
  • Membership numbers
  • Principal Officers
Once this information has been entered save the file again (it is okay to just SAVE the file this time) 
After the last meeting of the month:
  • Open the SHELL
  • Enter the beginning number members
    • REGULAR - members who do not live in a Grand Lodge facility - this applies to most clubs
    • MASONIC - members who do live in a Grand Lodge facility
      • These 2 classes of memberships will equal your active members (honorary does not count)
  • Indicate the number of new members
  • Indicate the number of reinstated members
  • Indicate the number of honorary members
  • Indicate the number dropped members (resigned, moved, request, died - with date of death)
  • Indicate donations of dollars and time made to the Wolcott and the youth groups
  • Update any changes in the principal officers
  • Indicate membership changes in detail
    • New members - address, phone and email - you can use the next blank line!
    • Reinstated members - address, etc.
    • Members dropped - address etc. and reason why they are being dropped
    • Address changes - don't forget summer/winter address changes!
  • Save the final edited file (suggest the following naming convention):
    • File Save As: xxx Monthly Report SHELL
      • Where xxx = three digit club number
      • Where MM = two digit month being reported on
      • Where YYYY = the current year
  • Print a copy for the club files
    • Print and mail a copy OR email the Word file to your Association State Secretary by the 12th of the month
    • When there are new or reinstated members include/mail a check ($3.00 per member) made out to High Twelve International.  If appropriate, include a state association fees in a second check.


  1. Open the prior months file
  2. Change the report date
  3. The prior months ending membership number becomes the new months starting number
    • Make the appropriate changes
  4. Update the donations to Wolcott and Youth
  5. Delete the prior months membership changes detail
    • Indicate any new membership changes detail
  6. Save the file as indicated above:
    • Do "file save as" to create a new file with the current month/year
    • DO NOT click on SAVE as this will overwrite the information you just entered on the last months file - this can not be undone!
  7. Print your copy and send/email one to your State Association Secretary

Independent Club Secretaries - you will file your Monthly Reports directly to the International Office


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