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Malcolm White
A message from Malcolm S. White, Chairman, The Wolcott Foundation

Support YOUR Wolcott Program

Do remember that the Wolcott Program, designed to produce BETTER government workers – NO, NOT POLITICIANS! We are all aware of the sound and fury emanating from the Washington, D.C. Politicians, doing everything that they can to better their own condition and ignoring the will and need of the People! Via the Wolcott Program we have the opportunity to help produce government SERVICE people who will better the condition of this country.

I have previously alluded to the price of a Starbucks Latte Mucho, or whatever it may be called, as a possible minimum monthly or weekly contribution to the Little Red School House at your next Club meeting. Just the other day I became aware of a person purchasing a package of cigarettes - $7.00! Now to all of my friends who smoke, consider NOT buying a pack a week or month – what it would do for your health, and for the health of our Country, were that money to be deposited into the LRSH instead of into the nearby cash register!

It is indeed irksome to be continually arranged for donations and contributions; I understand and sympathize – it happens to us, too, BUT, again consider all of the smoke and noise coming out of Washington, D.C., and to me it seems that now, more than ever before, the need for dedicated, productive government service workers is at an all time high. YOU can affect this need by your continued and continuing support of Your Wolcott Program.

I hear, directly and indirectly, things like this; “that as a member of High Twelve, I do not know where the money I contribute goes or what it does; and I don’t like to give money to something or somewhere that I know nothing about.”  So be it! But that person cannot be unaware of the plethora of information existent about YOUR Wolcott Program – certainly it is mentioned at Club Meetings, State Conventions and the International Conventions, in Brother Harris’s Monthly update, in THE HOUR, and many other publications Masonic oriented. Speakers are available via your Wolcott Representative or Zone Trustee.

Regretfully, it is not possible to provide a real live Wolcott Fellow to be at your Club meeting, but their message is available to you in varied forms – see your Wolcott Rep. A number of State Associations will have a Wolcott Fellow as a speaker at their Conventions – have you attended one to hear them speak? If not, you have missed an electric experience.

I do wish that it were possible for each one of you to hear the messages from your current Wolcott Fellows (those still at academic work) or your Senior Wolcott Fellows (those graduated and at work in their chosen discipline, and in some cases retired). It is near a religious experience! What a remarkable group of young, and in the case of the senior fellows, not so young people, and what they are doing and have done, in service to our Country.

Warren Bolten, one time Wolcott Treasurer, closed all of his communications with;“SEND MONEY!” So, I too, on behalf of better, and improved government service workers provided via YOUR Wolcott Program, ask you to: “SEND THE MONEY”


God Bless the USA, and each one of you, and all whom you hold dear.

Malcolm S. White, Chairman
The Wolcott Foundation, Inc.




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