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Effective January 25, 2018 - If there were no changes to be reported for the month fill out the top section
and check the "no changes" box, scroll to the bottom and click on submit.
The F-200a report is for only reporting membership related information and needs to be filed MONTHLY
The F-200b report is only filed when there is a change in club/association meeting or officer information
Your association secretary will automatically be informed of your submission

For Independent Clubs use mark@high12.org as the association secretary email

Email addresses should be treated like mailing addresses - report new ones and updates!
You WILL receive an email notification with the complete detail of your submission automatically
You can send up to 3 'copies' of your submission(s) whomever you wish

Monthly Membership Reporting Form

F-200a Monthly Membership Report
F-200b Club Information Update

NEW!!! New & Reinstated Member Fees can now be paid through:
You do not have to create a PayPal Account!

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Clubs are expected to complete a Monthly Report form F-200a on a regular basis and F-220b Club Information Update when needed.  These forms provide the State Association and the International Office the information needed about where and when a club meets, changes in the 4 principal officers and their contact information, membership numbers, and the specifics about changes in the individual member data. Like so many things doing this task monthly after your last meeting needs to be made a habit and once it is a habit you won't forget to do it.  

Special note for Independent Clubs: Forms F-200a & F-200b, in the 2nd line - State Secretary email please use: xxx@high12.org  - the email address to use is shown on the form, this is a required field and must have a valid email entered to be able to submit the form.

Information from this form is used to:

  1. Update this website
  2. Keep individual membership records current
  3. Insures accurate mailing information for: 
    • The High Twelvian
    • Fundraiser(s)
    • Monthly Update Newsletter
  4. Allows the International Office to provide Associations and Clubs accurate rosters or mailing lists/files on request
  5. Is the basis for the annual per-capita billing

A few key pointers about using the form:

  • Click on the 'report you want to make' above
  • These forms are a series of fill in the boxes - those with an " * " are required
    • Use your tab key or
    • Point and click
  • Addresses:
    • A Post Office Box (PO Box) ALWAYS overrides a street address letter delivery!
    • Always use the full zip code +4  12345-6789
    • Provide email addresses when known - please use all lower case letters (email addresses are not case sensitive)
    • For part year residents you must change their address when they leave and when they return. Do not rely on the USPS to forward the mail as the Non-Profit rate (we use this rate for all mailings) is generally not forwarded and goes to dead letter.
After the last meeting of the month:
  • Open the report
  • Tab through the form providing the needed information
  • If there were no changes for the month, check the box and submit - otherwise continue on
  • Enter the beginning number members
    • REGULAR - members who do not live in a Grand Lodge facility - this applies to most clubs
    • MASONIC HOME - members who do live in a Grand Lodge facility
      • These 2 classes of memberships will equal your active members (honorary does not count)
  • When there are new or reinstated members mail a check ($3.00 per member) made out to High Twelve International and send to Association Secretary or the Intentional Office. 
  • This information is not stored for use by you next month
The State Association Secretaries will receive a copy of your submission automatically based on the email entered (yes, it is a required field!) and in the case of Independent Clubs the International President will receive a copy.
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