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February 17, 2016

Application for a new Employer Identification Number - EIN

The IRS has changed the process for applying for EIN's.  It can no longer be done by phone (past 2 years) and the online application through the IRS website does not apply to Parent/Subordinate organizations like ours.

View/print this SS-4 EIN Sample Application as a guide.

Print this blank SS-4 and fill it out [yellow highlight] as in the sample  nothing more, nothing less.

Submission is 'fastest' with a FAX transmission of the SS-4 and providing a fax back number that is active all the time. If the IRS should need additional information they will utilize the fax back number and will fax the EIN document to you.  If a fax back number is not provided the IRS will communicate via mail for any additional information requests or to provide the EIN document.

Do not use the online, real time, application as it does not work for EIN's that belong to a Group Exemption.

NOTE: on line 18  of the application you are saying the club has never had an EIN.  This is not a process to circumvent the filing of the IRS Form 1024 to restore the non-profit status!  The probability is very high that the IRS will connect the dots and bill you the reinstatement fee somewhere down the road - yes it has happened.

The SS-4 can be faxed if you have a fax. It utilizes a fax back response with the new EIN number assignment to the fax you send from.

Or you can mail (expect up to 6 months response time) the SS-4 to the following address:

Internal Revenue Service Center
Attn: EIN Operation
Cincinnati OH 45999   
Fax: 855-641-6935
Phone: 800-829-4933

Lost the SS-4 EIN Assignment Document?

You will have to call the IRS to obtain a reprint - this is the link to their web page

R 3/16/16

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