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The High Twelve International $100,000 Endowment Fund
Program Overview

Purpose:  This fund is established to build a financial base of $100,000 with earned interest being used to offset future administrative or operating costs of High Twelve International  when and if needed as approved by the Executive  Board.  This fund is a method of ensuring financial stability for years to come.

Membership:  Any member, club, association or friend of High Twelve can become a member by filling out an application, attaching a check for $100.00 or more made out to High Twelve International, in the check’s memo line place the words “Endowment Fund”” and mail to International Secretary as indicated on the application form.

Recognition:  A numbered certificate, signed by the International President and Secretary, will be given to the person, club, association or friend of High Twelve with each donation received along with a lapel pin for the individual to wear, or, in the case of a club or association, placed on their banner.

Endowment Fund: Donations are not tax deductible. All funds received will placed in  the designated account on a regular basis.  There will be no fees or charges for the administration of the fund. 

 Donation Form


100k Cert Sample




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