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First, let me say Welcome to High Twelve International.  High Twelve International, like many Masonic organizations, has a long history of service to our Brethren, communities, and country.  In 1921, Brother Wally Wolcott envisioned a Masonic social club.  Like many similar organizations, each meeting consists of a short business meeting, lunch, and an informative and interesting keynote speaker.  Our typical ritual is: pray, pledge, eat, enjoy.

Our meetings are usually an hour of fellowship and information in a social, non-ritualistic setting conducive to friends and those who act as family.  Chances are you will find a communal exchange of ideas and interests when you attend the regularly scheduled meetings.  You will also enjoy good food and fellowship.  If this sounds like something you might enjoy, feel free to visit a club in your area.

High Twelve clubs are located across the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, and Italy.  We are truly an International organization.  We are now working with our Prince Hall Brothers to see if they qualify for membership and include them in our clubs, depending on jurisdiction. 

Most of our clubs welcome ladies, so don't think you have to leave your spouse or significant other at home.  Some of our clubs also include widows.  In one club, the widows oftentimes outnumber the members.  Brothers who attend High Twelve meetings come from a variety of Lodges, so you may already know members who belong to a High Twelve club.  

Many clubs normally meet monthly; some very active clubs even meet weekly.  Most clubs meet at noon, hence the name High Twelve, but it is not mandatory; it is up to the members.  Many are formed to be the social arm of Masonry.  I usually compare High Twelve to the Rotary or the Kiwanis.  The format is similar, except that High Twelve is for Master Masons, and less expensive.

Our philanthropy is the Wolcott Foundation.  Some of you may not be familiar with this wonderful organization so there is a link to them on our website.  This foundation awards fellowships to eligible students to attend George Washington University.  Please visit their website for additional information on this wonderful organization.

I want to thank you again for visiting with us today. Time is the one thing that we don’t know how much of it we really have, so thank you for sharing some of your time with us!  Please feel free to return to peruse our site and invite some of your Brethren to do likewise.  You can contact any of the officers on this site for more information.  Also, please consider adding us to your favorites so you can come calling again.  Stay safe, have fun, and take care of each other.

Joe Santisteban

Joseph H. Santisteban
International President

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