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Fraternal Greetings to all Brethren and to our High Twelvians Globally,

High Twelve International is approaching 100 Years and I am honored to be the 99th International President with the support of our Past International Presidents, Current International Officers, State Associations & Clubs, Independent Clubs and our growing Membership in the President’s Club.

Our Organization is based on the fraternal ties that bind us all and we welcome all Master Masons to join us as we go from labor to refreshment at High Twelve!

There have been times in the history of the world where Brethren have found a need to unite in the strongest of bonds and stand for what we know to be good and true. In order for these bonds to remain solidified, social activity and fraternal fellowship are indispensable.

As I have traveled to visit with our Members lovingly referred to as High Twelvians, I have delivered a simple message passed down by great men who have gone before me in this journey and these men have reminded me that I am not alone on this pathway being a part of the World’s Oldest Fraternity. I have encouraged at each visit that regardless of our titles or stations, we must strive to help those who come to any activity of High Twelve to leave with a greater feeling of being NEEDED for what they can offer, WANTED for who they are and APPRECIATED for all that they do!

If we can find new ways to spread the cement of brotherly love, relief and truth and schedule time to fellowship with an eye single to building lasting relationships with our Brethren while learning more about each other in the process, it will become crystal clear how Freemasonry makes GOOD MEN BETTER as a FAMILY working together in UNITY.

In addition to all that we do in High Twelve, it is also important to remember those to whom we are obligated, including our Widows and the extension of the greatest gift of all, Charity. To accomplish this, we acknowledge our widows and love them for all the years of support they have offered and the many more years to come. In order to recognize our widows, a new Widow’s Pin has been created to present and remind each widow that they too are a part of our Family.

As for charity, we work hard to support the Wolcott Foundation as it continues to touch the lives of those Fellows fortunate enough to be recipients of the fruits of our labors met with theirs. We have had so many great men and women in government and public service rise up in their respective fields of employment as a direct result of the support of our Wolcott Foundation. These Fellows are the future and we as High Twelvians have the opportunity to empower them to success.

Lastly, I wish to thank my 1st Lady, SGT Janelle Dilley, USMC, who has stood by my side in support of the work that I do and has reminded me day in and day out that we are all working together to create one important thing, Family!

If ever asked, “What is High Twelve?” the answer is simple, “High Twelve is Family!”

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Jonathan P. Dilley

Jonathan P. Dilley
International President

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